About Us

Welcome to the Wings of the Future

Founded by Krystal M. Boothe, Wings of the Future is geared towards overcoming general and generational trauma and facilitating the healing process for individuals and families. Our motivated and experienced coaches work with clients individually as well as in groups to identify the root cause of trauma and heal it for good.

At the Wings of the Future, we look at trauma generational and holistically. Our recovery approach involves psycho-educating the families about the correlation between relationship trauma, domestic violence, addiction, emotional abuse and dysfunctional family relationships.

Understanding and analyzing the sources of trauma can be an empowering experience. It leads to valuable insights about the self, which helps in moving past the traumatic experiences and leading a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Meet Krystal M. Boothe

With almost 15 years of extensive training and experience in the mental health fields as a clinician and psychiatric social worker, Krystal M. Boothe is fully equipped with the knowledge and expertise required to master and further explore the complexities of trauma.

She explores the coaching profession through the lens of trauma to gain more experience with complex trauma in the adult population. She is the founder and Clinical Director at Wings of the Future Private Practice and works with a diverse population of adults, adolescents, and children with Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar, PTSD, ADHD, and a host of other diagnoses.


“Many of my client’s report experiencing a feeling of discomfort or freaking out for reasons as small as having to make a phone call, speaking up for themselves, telling their truth, leaving the house daily, not knowing the right words to use in conversations with others… the list goes on and on.

These are some common effects of trauma that keep many people from creating meaningful relationships, attaining personal and professional goals, reaching their full potential, and leading a fulfilling life that they deserve.

I started Wings of the Future in 2017 with the hope to change all that. My team and I are on a mission to transform as many lives as possible by empowering individuals and families to break free from traumatic experiences through trauma coaching and consulting.

Nothing makes me feel happier and fulfilled than seeing my clients taking control of their lives, feeling alive, becoming calm, and getting on with their lives instead of staying rooted in place due to unaddressed trauma.”

At Wings of the Future, we look at the trauma historically, generationally, and holistically. So that the person is able to gain the insight needed to heal.

Our trauma coaching and consulting services can help you get through all types of trauma, crisis, or loss and help you heal from within.

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